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reconstruction of the cathedral of notre dame

port au prince. haiti
international design competition. 2012

Additional Info

Port au Prince. Haiti
roberto bianchi / paola veneto
alessandro ferro / young architect
stefano benedetti / structure
salvatore sciuto / model
morena valente


the intervention protects the 'remains' of the cathedral as authoritative memory of the history of the place of colonial events and finally of the tragic earthquake of 2010.
the 'ruins' of the ancient cathedral, memory of the past, are consolidated and integrated with a new mixed structure of steel and concrete that supports a light large cover. overage, the fulcrum of the project and iconographic element of the sacred place, protects from atmospheric agents the 'monument'
  cand the external routes which become themselves preserved places for prayer and relationship.
the double perimetric gold shell is 'hung' to cover: the outer shell is completely perforated using a design that incorporates the decoration present on the trabeation of the existing columns, the inner case is perforated just in correspondence of certain openings of the remains of the cathedral, diffusing inside the light in a suggestive way.
in the new articulation of space, light plays an
  important role: it is filtered through the double ‘porous’ shell that allows to see glare and shadows through a play of solids and voids that characterize the concrete finishing.

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