bianchivenetoarchitetti is a professional firm founded by roberto bianchi and paola veneto that associate after a period of activity carried out separately for public and private clients. the projects of transformation, rehabilitation, renovation and reuse of building manufacts, degraded areas and fields, affecting the small and the large-scale, from housing to urban infrastructure, looking for functional, constructive and economic 'sustainable' solutions, related to the context contemporary, in respect of the place and preexistence. the studio avails itself of professionals with different levels of training and experience interacting with each other by offering specialized expertise in projects of architecture, urbanism and landscape. the work of the studio, subject of exhibitions and publications, is the result of a continuous research of members who put into professional practice the different experiences developed even in academic background.


roberto bianchi (1972) graduated in architecture in 1999 at the 'sapienza' university of rome, where he currently conducts teaching and research. he obtained in 2008 the title of phd in culture technological and environmental design at the faculty of architecture of the university 'g. d'annunzio 'of chieti - pescara. research fellow in 2012, since 2002 he is professor at the faculty of architecture 'sapienza' university of rome in the courses of architectural technology and technology of lightweight materials and environmentally sustainable. it deals with issues regarding the relationship between the project, techniques and innovative materials, publishing essays and articles on specialized magazines. from 2002 to 2009 carries out architectural consultancy for the company risorse rpr spa for the preparation of technical-economic feasibility studies, signing enhancement projects of valorisation and redevelopment for the city of rome.


paola veneto (1971) graduated in architecture in 1998 at the 'sapienza' university of rome, specializing in protection and recovery of historical architectural heritage. she obtained in 2003 the master's degree in 'recovery and conservation of buildings of historic archaeology' at the faculty of engineering of the 'sapienza' university of rome. from 1999 to 2012 collaborates to teaching and research courses in architectural technology, technologies for building recovery, technology of ancient and modern architecture at the faculty of architecture 'sapienza' university of rome. she deals with issues related to the restoration and recovery of buildings and historical centers. since 2000 she is responsible for coordinating site safety during the planning and execution in the sphere of public and private projects.

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